About Paper Profits

About Us

We are private equity vehicle which specializes in the acquisition and disposition of Promissory Notes, Mortgages and Deeds of Trust.

These are debt obligations secured by real estate.

We are secured creditors with physical property backing our investment.

We specialize in buying performing loans at a discount in the secondary market. This means we do not originate loans, but buy them once they are already created.

All loans are secured by real estate which provides security for our investors. This means there is something backing the investment made, and something to recover our funds if needed.

We offer investors the ability to passively invest in our offerings, for truly "mailbox" money. We accept funds of all kinds including self-directed retirement accounts.

Offerings are open to accredited investors only.

Management consists of Joshua N. Andrews and Jane Wabs, along with a full-time staff which assists day-to-day operations.


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